In addition to art books and catalogues, we design specialist books for clients ranging from restaurants to photographers. The books we create are relevant and timeless and have been nominated for the British Book Awards.


Paul Smith
Norbert Schoener
Markus Furrer
Art Photography
Dezeen Publishing 
Laurence King
84 Airmiles 


Bloomsbury Publishing

Cookbook for the Michelin star restaurant, Dabbous.
Winner, British Book Design & Production Awards 2015



Design Museum

Paul Smith book for the Hello Japan exhibition in Tokyo, Kyoto and Nagasaka

Norbert Schoerner,
Violette Editions

Photography book for
the photographer Norbert Schoerner

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Markus Furrer

Limited edition art catalogue

Art Photography, 
Tate Publishing

A history of art photography by David Bate



Identity and online magazine
design for the digital
publisher, 2007–present.
Redesign 2016.

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Laurence King Publishing

Book about pioneering stylists in the fashion industry

84 Airmiles

Art project and book,
Los Angeles, 2000